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January 2021:
In conversation: Vineyard speaks to Elisabeth Else, the founder of a new e-commerce service, the3bottles.
Editor’s visit: The young team at Langham Wine Estate, in Dorset all jumped for joy in November when they were crowned Top Sparkling Wine Producer in the World.
Giving frost the cold shoulder: It is important to know your enemy and understand your frost risks.
Cutting edge: Winter pruning is probably the most important, most expensive and most challenging task in the vineyard year
February 2021:
Fine dining in the vines: A family business both grows and sources, local Sussex produce for their London restaurant group.
Keeping the wolf from the door: Luke Wolfe has established and managed vineyards, harvested thousands of tonnes of grapes and has now formed Agro-Pro, to use this experience to help other growers.
Wild about weeds? Vineyard finds out if vines are happy sharing their space with weeds, and if not, how can weeds be controlled.
Earth filtration RIP? Vineyard asks if the earth filter still has a place in a modern winery? If not, why not? And what are
the alternatives?
Editor’s visit: With all the ingredients for an epic blockbuster – passion, romance, sorrow, adventure and adversity – the story of Sugrue South Downs is truly a legend.
March 2021:
The Bee’s knees: Vineyard visits Bee Tree Vineyard in Sussex to find out how a small vineyard is leading on sustainability,
research and vintageled wines.
The vine whisperer: Vineyard speaks to the pruning Master,
Marco Simonit of Simonit&Sirch, to discover his philosophy of pruning that respects the vines natural growth habit to improve its health and productivity.
L’eau down on winery wastewater: The term effluent can quickly take the romance and glamour out of winemaking.
Covering up: Vineyard finds out how cover cropping can help
biodiversity, support carbon capture, improve soil health,
assist drainage, suppress weeds and become little havens of wildlife.
In conversation: Vineyard speaks to Neil Walker of e-commerce
site The English Vine to find out how he de-mystifies and simplifies wine to make it fun and accessible to all.
April 2021:
The Bolney experience: Vineyard visits Bolney Wine Estate and
meets Sam Linter the driving force behind this exceptional
boutique family wine business.
Getting ahead of botrytis: Vineyard finds out why understanding
Botrytis cinerea and its modus operandi combined with early
season control could save the crop.
Cheers to the women in Great British wine! Championing our
industry, inspiring and educating, there are many remarkable
women growing great grapes, making fantastic wines and running businesses.
Why have a website? During the lockdowns both businesses and
consumers have had to take the plunge and dive online into
a more digital world.
In conversation… Two young women are uncovering an
untapped younger audience – and offering a light-hearted, fun introduction to some seriously good wines.
The Grape Exchange – UK’s first trading platform: Vineyard finds out what’s new with Vine Care UK and the UK’s first trading platform – ‘The Grape Exchange’.
May 2021:
Shropshire’s best kept secret: Vineyard speaks to Mark and Andrew Stevens about the family’s mission to create an outstanding and unique luxury tourist destination.
The value of wine tourism: After a year of lockdown restrictions, we are desperate to be set free. Vineyard finds out how wineries can embrace the benefits of the wine tourist and achieve visitor experience excellence.
To dip or not to dip? The benefits of good mycorrhizal fungi associations with vine roots to support nutrient and water uptake are well known. Vineyard asks if inoculating with a root dip at planting helps early growth.
A winemaker’s guide to blending: Blending still fundamentally relies on the capability of the winemaker, their palate and experience – and is a skill which must be learnt.
The Buchan ‘Midas Touch’: Many of the most successful vineyards in the UK have something in common – they have been planned, planted and managed by John Buchan.
June 2021:
Wine wonderland: Gail Gardner’s business acumen and multi-stream income model has led her to create an exceptional visitor destination and corporate facility at Ashling Park Estate.
A winning combination: Champagne houses may still dominate the sponsorship of sporting events but increasingly English brands are taking poll position on the British sporting scene.
Navigating planning permission: Building a new winery can be daunting as the planning process has a reputation for being a minefield of complicated restrictions. Vineyard shares experiences and top tips.
Time to strip off: Vineyard finds out from some of the UK’s leading vineyard managers their techniques, timings and methods for leaf removal in the quest to achieve vine balance.
In conversation: Sue Daniels, Marks & Spencer’s in-house Winemaker and Senior Technologist, speaks to Vineyard about substantial uplift in sales of English wines.
July 2021:
Naturally adventurous: Vineyard finds out how Oxney’s resourceful and imaginative approach is resetting the expectations of organic wine production.
Counting on yield: Unreliable yield forecasts cost money, waste resources and depress profitably. Vineyard finds out why it’s important to improve accuracy and which forecasting methods work.
Building resilience in a perfect storm: Vineyard asks Dr Alistair Nesbitt what the likely changes to our growing conditions will be and what opportunities or threats face our industry.
Curious Quercus: Vineyard finds out how oak barrels influence the sensory profile, the wine quality and if they can be replaced by staves, chips or other oak alternatives.
In conversation: The specialist English wine shop, Hawkins Bros Fine English Wine has seen spectacular sales – as has the enthusiasm for buying English and buying local.
August 2021:
A leading light: Vineyard discovers how Llanerch has become an international visitor destination with award-winning restaurants, hotel, wedding and conference facilities.
Tomorrow’s world today: Vineyard finds out how advances in innovative technologies enable precision viticulture and will enhance production, aid efficiency and provide a competitive edge to vineyard businesses.
Here come the PIWIs: PIWI grape varieties have been bred and selected to have a high resistance to fungal diseases. Vineyard finds out why these innovative grape varieties have an important future.
Charmat sparkles: Vineyard finds out why the success of two products has tempted more brands to explore the exciting sector of the Charmat method.
Establishing a legacy of excellence: The Wiston Estate has enjoyed considerable success in recent years. Vineyard hears how it has achieved so much in such a short time.
September 2021:
Wines that will rock the world: Danbury Ridge Wine Estate is already astonishing the wine world with its newly released Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vintages putting Essex, and the UK, firmly on the world stage.
Mobile winemaking services make sense: BevTech Ltd was formed 10 years ago to fill a gap in the UK market by providing the best winery equipment and mobile services.
In conversation: The British Wine Cellar was set up to plug a gap in the market and champion the ‘not on the high street’ wines – wines from smaller family run vineyards.
October 2021:
In the business of creating joy: Vineyard discovers how the spirit of the family motto ‘Licet Esse Beatis’, meaning ‘It is permitted to be joyful’ is at the heart of everything at
Low down on downy: The wet weather, rationed armoury – and limited opportunity to use it – have created the perfect storm for downy mildew.
Join the club: What is there not to like with a wine club? For the winery subscription-based wine clubs are a predictable source of income bringing the higher margins from direct-to-consumer sales.
Keeping it clean – part 1: We only want wine in our wine, so winery hygiene is essential for producing a quality product, avoiding contamination and unwanted taints.
Sustaining closure: Since 1774 Rankin Brothers & Sons, a leading supplier, manufacturer and designer of closures, stoppers and corks has been supporting the wine, beer and spirits industry. Vineyard finds out how innovation and new technology will drive the transition to more environmentally positive materials.
November 2021:
In conversation… Red Johnson, former TV broadcaster and lover of the drinks industry, set up The British Bottle Company in 2014 to assist British drinks brands in developing their export business.
British flair with savoir-faire: Vineyard speaks to Charles and Ruth Simpson to find out how a desire to be part of an emerging and evolving region brought them back to the UK.
The export safety valve: Vineyard finds out from WineGB, and exporters Gusbourne Estate and Hattingley Valley, why an export strategy is so important for the health of the industry.
Royston brings your brand to life: Vineyard speaks to Royston Labels to find out how their gold star service, skills, technology and craftmanship ignites your label and brings your brand to life.
Vineyard & Winery Show Special 2021:
A sparkling 50 years: The Carr Taylors were early pioneers planting their vineyard in 1971 and producing some of the first traditional method sparkling wines.
Get ready for the very first Vineyard & Winery Show: On 24 November 2021 at the Kent Country Showground history will be made with the first ever Vineyard & Winery Show.
Bridging biology and mechanisation for successful vineyards: Combining his background in horticulture with his machinery design skills, Ian Phillips set up Vineyard Solutions Ltd.
Research critical for industry success: Vineyard speaks to key contributors to some of the important cross-industry projects ensuring our resilience for a successful future.
December 2021:
New era: Vineyard hears about the exciting plans to modernise and renovate at Wraxall Vineyard to produce high quality wines perfect for the tourism and foodscape scene.
Vintage 2021 – North, South, East and West:
This year shortage of labour and the dreaded downy added to the challenges. Vineyard captures some of photos and comments from across the regions.
Getting social this Christmas:
Now is a great time to boost your brand with your social media activity – creating enticing imagery and glittery messages to get your followers into the Christmas ‘spirit’!
Driving your growth:
Vineyard finds out how Kirkland UK prides itself on providing growers with machinery solutions – using the team’s experience and knowledge.
In conversation…
John Mobbs created Great British Wine – the goto website for the most concise and up to date information on English and Welsh wine