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January 2020:
In conversation: Peter Wallbridge, English wine buyer at Enotria & Coe.
Editor’s visit: The Hampshire winery celebrating its 10th
year in 2020.
NP Seymour: New trends and machinery must-haves.
Annual open day: Showcasing specialist machinery.
February 2020:
Vineyards of Hampshire.
Editor’s visit: Black Chalk.
In conversation… Kieron Atkinson, Renishaw Hall.
WineGB Business and Marketing Conference.
Machinery: Hire is highly rated.
Matthew Jukes: Food for thought.
March 2020:
Editor’s visit: Bluestone Vineyards.
In conversation… Jeremy Mount, Woodchester Valley.
Matthew Jukes: Hampshire.
Nigel Akehurst visits Chartham Vineyard.
WineGB Business and Marketing Conference.
Agri-TechE event: Innovation in UK viticulture.
The UK’s annual vine pruning competition.
April 2020:
In conversation… Michael Huskins, Dalwood Vineyard.
Drive through drinks and Pinot in the post – new ways to keep customers spending at the virtual cellar.
Matthew Jukes: Define a generation.
Editor’s visit: Mannings Heath – a slice of South Africa in Sussex.
Advanced sprayer for vineyard options.
May 2020:
In conversation… English wine buyer Elizabeth Kelly has worked with Oddbins and M&S since 2013.
Matthew Jukes: Looking North.
Editor’s visit: Montgomery Vineyard chose to plant its vines on previously unworked land.
Time to consider how exporting wine could grow your business.
Defined Wine continue to release products with high praise.
June 2020:
In conversation… Paul Olding, Wildwood Vineyard.
Matthew Jukes: Sustainability is vital.
Editor’s visit: Owner of Redhill Farm Estate Henry Boorman decided to invest in vines rather than the stockmarket.
Viti-Culture 2020 preview.
Agronomy: Switching in the vine’s natural defences.
July 2020:
English Wine Week.
In conversation… Inside Majestic Wine with Jack Merrylees.
Matthew Jukes: Still improving.
Editor’s visit: Ten years into making the switch from Bordeaux to Bucks, we meet Harrow & Hope owner Henry Laithwaite.
Itasca Wines aspirations and achievements have grown dramtically a year into the project.
August 2020:
Oz Clarke: We’re the newest new world wine country.
In conversation… Marien Rodriguez, English and Welsh wine buyer at Waitrose, shares her enthusiasm for Great British wines and what she’s looking for.
Matthew Jukes: King of clubs.
Editor’s visit: Joe Beckett from Kinsbrook Vineyard has some big plans for his family land in West Sussex.
What will your next labels look like?
Viti-Culture 2020 Review.
September 2020:
In conversation… Elise Lane set up winery Lanrberg Wine three years ago and today her wines are stocked in Fortnum & Mason as its own label Bacchus.
Matthew Jukes: Throwing out the rule book.
Editor’s visit: In a time so many people are shifting from office life to remote working, Nichola and Jonathan Kelsey have the ultimate work from home gig.
Fact file: Crop protection – Gusbourne tell us how they protect their vines from pests and diseases.
October 2020:
Jo Cowderoy names as new Vineyard editor.
In conversation… Barry Phillips.
Matthew Jukes: Communication is key for Covid-19 hit wineries.
Editor’s visit: As well as planting 16,000 vines, Sussex couple Nick and America Brewer have a created a stunning wedding and events venue.
November 2020:
The Vineyard Show: First Show President announced.
In conversation… In May 2009 Waitrose became the first UK retailer to plant its own vineyard, choosing the chalk soils of the Leckford Estate in Hampshire as home to the grapes that would be used.
Matthew Jukes: Acid trip.
Editor’s visit: Ridgeview this year celebrates 25 years at the forefront of UK winemaking. Vineyard looks at what makes them tick.
Contract Winemaking: With growers keen to see the fruits of their labour turned into fantastically drinkable UK wine, contract winemaking is playing an increasingly important part.
The vineyard tractor ready for tomorrow.
December 2020:
The ‘Secrets of Soil’ was the theme for the WineGB Viticulture Technical Conference focusing on this rather undervalued, but vitally important, resource for successful yields and quality grapes.
Let’s do the can-can: We look at the opportunities and challenges for brands in cans.
In conversation: Online at the right time. ‘Vineyard’ speaks to a very new online retailer.
Editor’s visit: From very humble beginnings, Peter Hall’s passion, gritty determination and zeal for hard work has
created the worldclass wines of Breaky Bottom.