Designed to stimulate growth while enhancing vines’ resistance to fungal diseases, Vinecare is a new foliar spray manufactured by Sussex-based fertiliser specialists Solufeed.

Vinecare has been specifically formulated for vines using a high strength garlic extract, supplemented with natural plant derived nutrients, which is safe to use and harmless to bees and beneficial insects. The product has also been approved by the Soil Association for organic production.

Applied as a regular treatment, Vinecare stimulates growth and plant vigour, encourages resistance to botrytis and mildew and assists in maximising the effects of fertilisation, helping to optimise plant health and resist the effects of stress and repair damage caused by nematodes.

When used frequently in a programme of treatments, Vinecare can build resistance to bacterial and fungal diseases, reducing growers’ reliance on conventional pesticides and leading to a reduction or elimination of pesticide residues in the resultant grapes.

The covering, which becomes odourless within minutes of application, gives no chemical setback and imparts no taints or flavours.

“This is a major breakthrough for viticulture,” said Jack Holden, product manager at Solufeed. “Being a natural product, it is totally biodegradable and is kind to the environment while also being rich in Selenium and sulphur.”

Vinecare is applied as a fine spray throughout the growing season every seven to ten days at five to eight litres per hectare diluted one to 100 in water.