The launch of the book, Sussex by the Glass, on International Women’s Day 2021 spotlights the success of two skilled and enterprising women, Sam Linter, Bolney Estate and Tamara Roberts, Ridgeview Estate. Sussex by the Glass, by award-winning wine writer Liz Sagues, focusses on one county and two pioneer winemaking families, both rare in the modern history of English wine, being multi-generation businesses – and now headed by the daughters of their founders. 

Liz Sagues has had privileged access to both estates, interviewing many of the people involved in creating two major brands in English wine. The result is a fascinating account of why and how they were founded, the tribulations and triumphs on the way to current success and the prospects ahead. It also focuses on sustainability issues and opportunities to visit and stay on wine estates and includes a month-by-month account of activity in both vineyard and winery.

The book is published at a celebratory moment: Bolney Wine Estate will reach its 50th birthday in 2022; Ridgeview Wine Estate toasted 25 years in 2020. Importantly, it stretches beyond those individual stories to explain the past and present significance of Sussex in England’s fastest-growing agricultural sector. The county is the first UK wine region in line for protected designation of origin status, affirming the quality of its products. Sussex is also the home of Plumpton College, whose Wine Division is a world-respected teaching and research resource.

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