Change is ‘under’ foot

Sustainable soil health is now firmly on the agenda. Michael Gove is driving forwards with his ‘Green Brexit’, growers are spending more on mechanical weeders and less on herbicides, under vine and interrow cultivators are being put to use, and it is becoming increasingly common to see cover crops, such as Red Clover, among alleyways providing both nitrogen and deep spanning roots to help aerate the soil and alleviate tractor compaction.

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In conversation… with Tiléri Charles-Jones

How did you get started in viticulture?

When I was 20, I worked for Mark Savage MW and Stephen Eggerton in Northleach where I learnt a great deal about wines from all over the world. I headed out to Reschke Vineyard in Coonawarra to gain some hands-on experience and that’s where I met the viticulturist, Mary Kennedy who became a dear friend and mentor. I was truly thrown in at the deep end and adored it. I worked in wineries but kept finding the outdoors and vines too much to resist. I love the unpredictability of viticulture and the fact that ultimately Mother Nature has the final say – you can do what you can to protect the vines but there is only one true boss!

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Vineworks: The vine post

With 2019’s planting season underway, the thought of harvest may seem a long way off. Yet, as with most things in life: preparation is key. There are many factors within viticulture that are beyond our control, but making considered decisions about equipment, efficiency and our ecological impacts allows us to prepare sufficiently for anything Mother Nature may throw at us.

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Bruni Erben: A barrel full of Tannin?

Tannins, extracted during the wine-making process, are important contributors of depth of flavour, colour and mouthfeel, features of wine that are directly associated with quality. The use of wood during fermentation and maturation can supplement these qualities in the wine through the extraction of ellagitannins and flavour compounds to compliment or enhance a certain wine style. The source, toasting, quantity and quality of oak are key factors in determining what level of extraction of tannins and flavour compounds takes place.

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