Whitehead Moncton: Legal advice

Succession planning for company with sole director-shareholder, writes Haggai Peri

It is not uncommon for small companies and, in particular, for companies operating a small family owned business, to have one person as the sole director and sole shareholder of the company. It is also now common for companies to no longer appoint a separate individual as company secretary or indeed to have one at all.

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RHS: A new threat to UK vineyards

Project ‘BRIGIT’ is undertaking research to reduce the bacterial disease caused by Xylella fastidiosa becoming established in the UK.

Authors: Dr Gerard Clover, Royal Horticultural Society is the engagement manager for the BRIGIT project; Professor Saskia Hogenhout, group leader plant health, John Innes Centre; and Dr Caroline Roper, associate professor of plant pathology, University of California

Xylella fastidiosa, a bacterial disease which has caused extensive damage in American vineyards, has now established in Europe and threatens the UK industry.

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Erben: Enzymes

Speeding up reactions in grape must and wine.

Enzymes are proteins that are naturally occurring compounds that speed up reactions in grape must and wine. The source of these enzymes are from moulds and the natural biofilm covering the grapes and vines, secreted onto the plant cell walls with the purpose of breaking down this layer to extract nutrients and carbohydrate. 

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Taking stock of vintage variations

The public listed company seeking to bottle and age a sense of place and time every year.

Charlie Holland has obviously had his picture taken before. The CEO and head winemaker of Gusbourne Estate, one of only two English wine producers to be listed on the London Stock Exchange (LON:GUS), carefully adopted a powerful stance, leaning on one of his wine tanks, hands in pockets with a steely stare; his smart-casual attire, a shirt and jeans combo, the ideal nod to his approachable and down to earth nature.

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