Bolney Wine Estate in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, has launched virtual tastings in response to the Covid-19 crisis preventing them from opening the vineyard. 

Customers can now choose from four different wine tasting collections, which will be delivered to their home. They can then arrange a date; tastings can accommodate up to 10 households on each video call. 

The description states that you simply need to decide on who you’d like to join you on your virtual tasting, and then each login to the video call counts as one ‘household’. Then pick the wine tasting package and place an order online. 

A member of the Bolney team will be in contact within 48 hours to arrange a date and let you know further information on setting up your tasting. They then send each household three bottles of wine, along with everything else you’ll need, ready for your tasting. 

Virtual tasters can choose from four packages: Everyday Drinking, Perfect Summer Drinks, Perfect Pairing Wines, and The Gold Trophy Winners. The package also includes tasting notes for all of the wines, a ‘how to taste’ sheet and a Bolney quiz sheet.