Many new designs of mower are being used to preserve and enhance the beauty and biodiversity of fauna and flora in vineyards. These mowers are more sympathetic than traditional flail and rotary mowers which smash and mince up anything in their path including insects, animals and ground nesting birds.  Alongside the benefits to the environment from using these new designs it is also a pleasant experience for visitors to see the wild flowers when visiting the vineyard restaurant or shop.

Cutter bar mowers are gentle on the plants and insects but are also more economical on power meaning that smaller lighter tractors can be used.

Flail collecting mowers with unloading hoppers completely remove unwanted vegetation, cuttings or thatch and are made in sizes to suit vine row widths and vineyard tractors; it is also possible to mow and simultaneously deposit the cuttings under the vines in a row to form a mulch.

One can also strim or mow in between the vines at a commercial speed without damaging the trunks or plastic tubes by using the ultra sensitive setting on the Boisselet sensor bar at the front, side or rear of the tractor.