Vitifruit Equipment have recently introduced a strimmer to deal with weeds in the zone next to the vines which the alley mower can’t reach.

The multi cord design deals very efficiently with long grass and vegetation. It covers a width of approximately 20 cm alongside the trunks. If set appropriately it does not stroke the vine stems, however it is very good at removing low growing side shoots. Older vines can deal with being strimmed but it’s not for young plants.

 David Sayell averaged a forward speed of around 4 kph in the vines shown in the pictures.

Most vegetation is removed but it does not always take out everything in the line leaving a Mohican effect. The tool is made by Boisselet and is another optional piece of kit which can be added to their universal carrying frame.

To make a neater job it’s possible to follow up by adding a mower head to work in and out of the vine trunks or adding various cultivation heads and rollhacke.

All tools available for sale, hire and demonstration from Vitifruit Equipment.