Spotlight on Boisselet

The French company Boisselet have been manufacturing cultivation equipment in Beaune, Burgundy since 1836 and enjoy an excellent reputation around the world for quality and service. The range of tools is extensive and have found a place in more than 45 English and Welsh vineyards since 1997 with the first at Wiston Estate. 

As the range is so all encompassing there is something to suit every vineyard wishing to control weeds without chemicals irrespective of soil type, tractor size, row width etc. Part of the joy is that one frame can be fitted with many tools each of which can easily be swapped for another e.g. for the first pass of the year when it’s necessary to till and under cut deep rooted pernicious weeds you fit the Starmatic or Petalmatic but then swap to the simple Cutmatic blade for fast shallow summer work to remove emerging seedlings. The other joy is the machine’s precision when working around the vine stem, even young vines, thanks to it’s unique sensing system controlled by a Servo Motor.

David Sayell of Vitifruit Equipment distributes the equipment across the UK and has a policy of “try before you buy” as selection of the correct tools is paramount to do a fast accurate job so he has a range of tools for demonstration and hire. The range includes; Cutmatic, Starmatic, Petalmatic, various discs and tines for above ground strimmers and mowers. The frame can also be used with a bud rubber, subsoiler and in row cultivation discs and legs with a choice of points.