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Despite the recent unusually cold weather for this time of year, blowing in freezing winds from the Arctic and some early morning frosts, we’re finally seeing some sunny spring days and buds on vines.

The drying soil and new shoot growth are bringing new activity in the vineyards this April, and ground preparation for planting, bud rubbing, weed strip spraying are well under way. A wide range of equipment is available for these operations, with most items also available for hire from Vitifruit Equipment, including the bud rubber, herbicide sprayer and pruning sweep pictured. 

Looking back there have been a few machines that have performed exceptionally well during the winter period, the Zanon tying down tool and the Sauerburger Lima fine chop prunings mulcher. 

The lightweight Zanon tying tool has proved itself as easy and fast to use, able to tie more than 60 bindings a minute, five times faster than working manually. Both tools have significantly cut time on these tasks compared to standard procedures and been a great help where the usual labour supply has been difficult to source.

The Boisselet Prunings Sweeper has also performed well and is normally used in conjunction with a rear mounted flail mower. It’s fast and effective clearance of prunings has made it a popular choice. 

There is plenty to consider in the vineyard at the moment and we can supply fertiliser spreader, prunings mulcher, strip sprayer, bud rubber, subsoiler, rotavator, power harrow, seed drill and roller, under vine cultivators for hire.