Taking a closer look at the Provitis PA 5000 tying machine.

Taking the place of a team of people for lifting wires and tucking in, the PA 5000 tying machine from Provitis has been used extensively on the continent for many years and there are now two currently working successfully in the UK. 

Growers are able to choose the height at which they want to “tie in”, maybe using the standard movables wires for the first lift and the machine for one or more subsequent lifts. The wide belts gently lift the shoots to the vertical as two strings are paid out either side of the vine row to hold them in position with staples placed at intervals by the driver at the press of a button to secure the strings. 

This one-man machine is fast and easy to use. Mounted on a mast at the front of the tractor, the tying machine complements the rest of Provitis’ comprehensive range of specialist viticulture equipment, the mast itself has a universal coupling which enables the fitting of a variety of other tools such as a vine trimmer, pre-pruner, de-leafer, cane puller and bud rubber thus eliminating the cost of a separate mast for each job. 

Due to its huge cost saving potential, David Sayell at Vitifruit Equipment may add one to their ever-expanding hire fleet next season. 

More information available on sales and hire from
www.vitifruitequipment.co.uk and www.viticulture-provitis.eu