If the Romans are deemed to have introduced Britons to grape growing, knapsack sprayer manufacturer Berthoud can lay claim to be a pioneer in controlling vine pests and diseases.

Since 1895, the brand of precision engineered diaphragm sprayers has brought relief to vineyards across Europe, especially France, where Hozelock-Exel make them – raising expectations of a bountiful harvest in the process.

Berthoud’s Vermorel professional range includes models tailored to the needs of the smaller grower – all designed to ensure operators work in optimal comfort, safety and convenience.

Fitted with 12V lithium ion battery and working to a 2.5hr charging cycle, the Vermorel 3000 Electric comes with fully specified harness, complete with waist, chest and shoulder padding.

The traffic light battery charge level indicator gives ample notice for operators to schedule work, while the three pressure settings (1, 1.5 and 3 Bar) allow three to six-hour spray sessions.

With telescopic (0.6 to 1m) composite lance as standard, the `3000` is available with cone 15/10, blue flat fan and brown anvil nozzles to cover a spread of spray applications.

The 2000 Pro Comfort also features fully specified padded harness, composite telescopic lance as well as 15/10 plate swirl, blue flat fan and blue anvil multi-purpose adjustable nozzles.

Meanwhile, the Vermorel 1800 offers ergonomic back frame and padded harness to limit operational stresses on the body .

The full range of spares and accessories includes telescopic lances stretching to 3.6m, enabling operators to reach all vine foliage conveniently.

Easy to use and dismantle, all Vermorel knapsacks are suitable for applying sanitisers and disinfectants, with spray shield, seal and nozzle kit and multi nozzle spray boom accessories delivering added flexibility.

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