New cordless powered secateurs and cane tying down tools.

For the coming season Zanon has introduced some lightweight easy to use tools aimed at the small to medium size growers, adding to the heavier duty range of secateurs and cane tying down guns for the larger more demanding vineyards and contractors. 

The attractive price of the new tools puts them within reach of most growers with the ZM 25 Wireless secateurs at £599.00 and the ZL 25 Wireless tying tool at £749.00. If both are purchased together using a common battery the cost is £1,215 plus Vat and delivery.

The battery is integrated into the handle of the tools thus avoiding cables and backpacks. The secateurs weigh 890 grams and the tying tool 990 grams. 

Vitifruit Equipment continue to sell the Electrocoup range as well as Zanon. The Electrocoup secateurs are marginally lighter in the hand, although more expensive, but otherwise similar in performance. 

The Zanon tying tool however has little competition when it comes to easy use and speed of work with many users offering glowing reports of how much time they save and how they enjoy doing the job. 

Most have also found the business of winding the cane around the training wire after pruning a waste of time and effort finding it far easier to lay the cane, pull the trigger and move on. 

The adoption of this type of tying down system also greatly assists those using the amazing Provitis cane pulling out machine which saves a huge amount of labour cost with one man typically pulling out three to four hectares a day while simultaneously mulching the prunings as they pass under and out at the back of the tractor.

All of these tools are available to hire or buy from Vitifruit Equipment. Please contact David or Richard for further information. | 01732 866567 |