Take away some of the stress of this harvest season by renting crates from one of the UK’s top providers. 

phs Teacrate offers high quality plastic crates in a range of sizes, perfect for both picking and storing grapes. Teacrate also supplies heavy duty picking bins or Dolav box pallets – ideal for moving high volumes of grapes. 

phs Teacrate’s fast and reliable service ensures your crates arrive exactly when you need them, whether to your own vineyard or another vineyard you are working with. The crates are collected promptly after use so you don’t waste valuable storage space when they are not needed. 

The sturdy, food-grade crates are easy to handle and fully nestable and stackable, ensuring an efficient and smooth-running harvest. Made from a lightweight – yet robust – plastic, the crates are also hygienically clean so you can rest assured that your grapes are protected on all counts.  phs Teacreate picking bins are also suitable for mechanical tipping. 

If you have your own crates, phs Teacrate offers a hygienic, state-of-the-art wash service. Using a high temperature bacterial wash, crates are thoroughly cleaned before and after harvest, removing any harmful bacteria to ensure your crates can be used safely time and time again. 

phs Teacrate, part of the phs Group, prides itself on its long-standing customer relationships with the UK food and drinks industry. The experienced team at Teacrate are able to react quickly and efficiently with a wide range of quality crates always available and ready to be delivered. 

With over nine million crates moved every year and the capacity to wash over 400,000 crates a week, phs Teacrate is a safe pair of hands this harvest season.

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