Vine-Works invests in a Wagner planting machine to meet growing demand.

Vine-Works Ltd are pleased to announce that they have purchased a new Wagner IPS-Drive planting machine and a JCB Fastrac 4220 tractor, (from Andy Page at Tuckwells) to meet growing business demands. With bookings from both new vineyards and existing producers who are expanding, Vine-Works’ new vine planting machine is essential in helping to meet the demands and the needs of their customers and their expanding business. 

The new machine will be an added benefit to their current planting process. For the last 10+ years, Vine-Works have planted hundreds of vineyards with a combination of tractor and labour operations across the largest and smallest of producers. Throughout their time in the industry, Vine-Works have built and maintained vineyards alongside some fellow highly-esteemed Europeans and Antipodeans. They have worked with their German partners on many projects throughout the planting season and their wealth of knowledge, passion, expertise and skill-set has helped to establish viticulture across the UK. 

The Wagner IPS-Drive machine planter is controlled by GPS and designed for high precision planting. The technology enables extremely accurate site mapping and measures vine placements within 2cm. 

The vine planter is ideal for long-term cultures planting with high precision for exact lines and transversal lines. The uniform spacing will also make harvesting, spraying and pruning easier.

One of the biggest advantages of having the Wagner planting machine is the flexibility of planting the vines. It helps to reduce the pressure of tight deadlines and schedules and allows Vine-Works to be a lot more reactive to the weather conditions. 

The Wagner planting machine has enabled Vine-Works to increase the number of vines planted to 540,000.

“Our aim is to work towards future growth and using the latest technology will benefit our whole industry.”