Maintenance experiences and future opportunities.

This summer has been a busy and successful period for myself and the team at Vitifruit Equipment with a huge uptake in the use of our Boisselet under vine weeding equipment for cultivating and strimming. We have also seen a big increase in the use of our upgraded Stockmayer De-Leafer and a continuing demand for vine trimmers. 

The worries among growers about the use of Roundup and the ability of some weeds to survive with contempt have fuelled the use of the Boisselet weeders and so we have had four machines out on hire touring the country. 

The high cost of manual de-leafing has increased the demand for a low-cost tractor mounted solution and this season our experience with the enhanced fan system on the Stockmayer machine has shown not only a big reduction in costs per hectare but also a far better leaf plucking action.

As the autumn period gets underway and thoughts turn to seed bed preparation and soil maintenance we have a range of tools available to hire including a heavy duty rotavator, power harrows, a seed drill with trailing roller and a twin leg heavy duty subsoiler. The subsoiler has an open cage roller and the legs are specifically J shaped and can be variably positioned so as to de-compact the soil near the vine roots or in the tractor wheel tracks.

Looking forward to the winter, at Vitifruit Equipment we also offer for sale and hire battery powered secateurs and tying down tools, pruning mulchers, both traditional flail types and the more efficient type with pick-up reel, and for the first time, we will have the amazing Provitis cane puller. For more details please contact myself, David, or Richard.

To see the Boisselet Cutmatic visit: