Netafim UK are hosting a webinar on how damage to vines due to frost can be mitigated by using a system that applies water in an extremely precise way through specifically developed low flow microsprinklers. The system can be activated manually with the flick of a switch or even automated.

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Not only is Netafim the global leading and largest provider of micro-irrigation solutions to growers, we also provide microsprinkler systems specifically designed to mitigate frost damage to vines.

As you will know, the late Spring frosts in April and May of 2020, caused extensive damage resulting, in some cases, in a total loss of the crop.

With a microsprinkler system, operated at the flick of a switch, such financially harmful damage can be mitigated from the time of bud burst onwards throughout the crop development.

Our system applies water precisely in strips along the rows and uses up to 50% less water than other strip systems resulting in, not only the optimum use of this valuable resource, but also a reduction of cost.

The webinar will be presented by two of Netafim’s vineyard agronomic team who have experience as commercial growers. This experience gives them a real insight into the issues that frost damage creates for vineyard owners and operators and also a real understanding of how such damage can be mitigated.