Agrii: Coming of age?

Plant protection products available to vine growers are tried and tested, the result of years of manufacturer research and development, and also from years of experience of recommendation and observation in the field; specifically wine grapes under UK conditions. Bio-pesticides are gradually becoming more available and should also have this pedigree as they must jump the same hoops of the registration process; though experience of them in our cool climate is more limited.    

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Bruni Erben:Using wood in your wine

One Stave or two, in how many litres of wine and for how long? This is a testing question to work out when looking at the wide offering of the Nobile Range from Laffort with different toasting levels and wood types available. Building on the previous article last month, the use of tannins is something that can elevate wines to the next level when looking at stability, aroma and quality. Whites, Rose and sparkling wines can benefit from targeted tannin, improving against oxidation and boosting flavour profile as well as the red wines.

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Matthew Jukes: Urban jungle

It’s not a new thing – urban wineries. There are some superb examples in Australia where the fruit comes in to the wineries from hours, and sometimes days, away and they manage to make epic wine. It’s not a question of transporting grapes; we know how to do this. London Cru has made delicious wines from grapes transported from the Languedoc, Limoux and Calatayud, in Spain, so distance from harvest is not a factor here. These foreign wines and foreign wineries don’t concern me this month though. 

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