Meet the manager with Guy Heywood

If you weren’t working in wine, what would you be doing?

I’m not sure because when I was 30 everything changed for me. I was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition which meant I have had open heart surgery and two further heart surgeries, with a number of complications. While I was recovering I really thought about what I was passionate about and what I wanted from life, and the two things I loved were coffee and wine. Continue reading “Meet the manager with Guy Heywood”

Yeast and enzymes

Our recent research has shown the role of the nutritional environment on the aromatic metabolism of wine yeast. Based on these results, specific nutrients have been developed to maximize the yeast capacity to uptake aroma precursors from grapes and to optimize their bioconversion in volatile varietal aromas. Added at the beginning of fermentation, these nutrients stimulate efficiently the enzymatic activity of the yeast, increasing the revelation of varietal aroma such as volatile thiols. Continue reading “Yeast and enzymes”

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