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2019 in reflection

In a dull autumn, vineyards appear golden brown; the wood is seasoned with potential for future fruitfulness and ready for pruning.

The year began with the ‘Brexit’ uncertainty; that plant protection product supply could be interrupted, but working with manufacturers, distributors like Agrii bought product ahead so that with few exceptions demand was met.

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Steel takes pole position in vineyards

Adam Lyness, sales manager at Hadley Group, discusses the importance of choosing the right materials for your vineyard that will best support planting and growing, as well as the benefits of using steel vineposts.

According to the latest figures from Wine GB and Wine Intelligence, a record-breaking 13.2 million bottles of wine were produced in England and Wales in 2018. With 658 commercial vineyards and 164 wineries scattered across the UK, around three million vines have been planted this year alone, making it clear that wine production in the UK is increasing and this pace of growth clearly reflects the industry’s confidence.

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Winery design

As the UK viticulture sector has matured through the last decade we have seen a parallel shift in the requirements and aspirations of our clients who are looking to build new, or expand existing, wine production facilities. Until recently UK wineries generally consisted of simple farm shed conversions or agricultural barns. 

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Building your pied à terre

The black art of winery design.

Back in the June 2019 edition of Vineyard Magazine, I touched upon the future of grape production in the UK. In the article, I cited the bountiful 2018 vintage that graced us with the largest crop seen in our tiny industry for some time, but not without its troubles. This brought to mind a familiar quote: “With great power comes great responsibility” (I’m aware that this well-known Stan Lee proverb is obscure, but stay with me!)

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