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Research trials

Planting is probably the most critical endeavour in the life of a vineyard, after all you only get to do it once, which is why Agrii has been working alongside East Malling Research on a three-year long trial to enhance vineyard establishment.  These trials have looked at how a variety of products can influence not only plant vigour but also wine quality.

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Cold stabilising your wines

Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) is a ground-breaking product for cold stabilising white and rosé wines. It provides a rapid, inexpensive, and organoleptically neutral alternative for cold stability. It is cost effective, as traditional cold stabilisation is time consuming and energy intensive. CMC reduces energy cost, it is time-efficient when CMC is added to wine immediately after polish filtration, and the wine is stable and ready for bottling in 48 hours.

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Frost damage

The degree of frost damage in vines is dependent on growth stage, the duration of temperatures below zero, and to some degree, following day-time temperatures. Site selection is a taken as read, and growers are familiar with mechanised frost mitigation measures, such as frost fans, bougies and heated fruiting wire. 

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