Digging deep

Quality grapes are needed for premium wines and the health of the soil is a key factor in achieving this. With much to do in the vineyard during the winter to prepare for the forthcoming season, such as pruning, tying down and trellis repairs – soil is often forgotten. Jo Cowderoy finds out some of the soil management tasks that can be done during the winter dormancy period that will benefit the future crop.

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Meet the people behind the wines

The wine students at Plumpton College are fortunate to have Dr Akshay Baboo and Deepika Koushik as part of the international teaching team, bringing their knowledge and talent – both academic and practical – from around the world. They are also married.  Akshay is the Programme Manager for the undergraduate degrees in wine production and teaches winemaking. Deepika is the Winemaker at Plumpton and teaches winery operation skills. 

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