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Vineyard expansion

For an existing vineyard looking to expand its growing operations, especially here in the South East, the options can initially appear limited. Having acted for Champagne Tattinger and its UK agency, Hatch Mansfield, to find a suitable site in Kent, we spent over a year searching on their behalf before introducing their new site at Chilham. Domaine Evremond, which was planted in 2017, promises to introduce 300,000 bottles per year of premium English sparkling wine. Continue reading “Vineyard expansion”

The vine post

The growth of UK viticulture has been rapid in the past decade. But a large percentage of the new producers don’t come from a traditional farming background, many are from IT or the financial sector. Consequently these new entrants to wine production don’t have the skillset for the day to day tasks in the vineyard. Also, many of these new ventures are large scale commercial acreage (it’s pretty unlikely that any MD’s are going to be out pruning). So vineyard teams are essential to ensure viticultural tasks are completed to a professional standard. In addition, there is also a continuing lack of skilled and experienced domestic workers to keep pace with the increasing acreage of vineyards. Continue reading “The vine post”

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