Carrying the weight of a 16 litre or 18 litre full knapsack of treatment chemicals can cause challenges for operators who work full days spraying sites.

Joint, ligament and muscle wear and tear across the entire back and in the hips can result if the upper body is inadequately supported during spraying.

Body parts will often compensate for the extra weight but they cannot sustain the strength for too long and begin to degenerate, which can cause stiffness and loss of range of motion, and pain, research reveals.

Further, the gradual degeneration can lead to chronic back pain, compressed discs in the spine (herniated discs) neck pain an altered posture and gait and even pain in the feet, according to Dr Kenneth Hansraj, lead author of a study conducted in 2018, and a spinal and orthopaedic surgeon at the New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine Center.

Knapsack, hand-held and compression sprayer manufacturer Berthoud’s Vermorel knapsack range includes critical back support measures to ensure grounds professionals work in optimal comfort, safety and convenience,

Each of the three premium grade knapsacks – Vermorel 1800, Pro Comfort 2000 and top-range 3000 Electric – come with ergonomically contoured, sturdy backframe as standard.

Safety harnesses provide rising levels of support progressing through the line – from padded shoulder straps on the 1800, to padded shoulder, waist and chest strapping on the 2000 and fully specified 3000.  

All Vermorel knapsacks are easy to use and dismantle for servicing and repair.  They are also suitable for applying sanitisers and disinfectants and are available with a host of accessories such as spray shields, seal and nozzle kits and multi-nozzle spray booms to give operators even greater flexibility.

Service excellence is a keystone of the Hozelock-Exel sprayer ranges. Both Berthoud and sister sprayer brand Cooper Pegler are built to give lasting satisfaction and are backed by a replacement parts and accessories delivery service, usually within 48 hours.