Meet the people behind the wines

The first ‘life-changing’ vines were planted in 2004, by Jonica and Gerard Fox, with the philosophy to simply make the most delicious wines – to make every glass poured joyous. Fortunately, they already had a portfolio of skills which have been invaluable in developing their thriving boutique business
Fox & Fox – but have also found themselves mastering skills they had never even heard of! Vineyard speaks to Jonica Fox.

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Sustaining closure

Since 1774 Rankin Brothers & Sons, a leading supplier, manufacturer and designer of closures, stoppers and corks has been supporting the wine, beer and spirits industry. Vineyard speaks to Jim Rankin, commercial director and sixth generation, to find out how innovation and new technology will drive the transition to more environmentally positive materials and shape the business for the next 250 years. 

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Keeping it clean – part 1

We only want wine in our wine, so winery hygiene is essential for producing a quality product, avoiding contamination and unwanted taints. Winery hygiene is also crucial for the health and safety of both consumers and winery staff. Wineries are also tourist destinations, so clean premises make a good impression! It’s a big topic and this is part one of a series of articles on cleaning and sanitising from Vineyard.

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Join the club

What is there not to like with a wine club?  For the winery subscription-based wine clubs are a predictable source of income bringing the higher margins from direct-to-consumer sales. For the customers the benefits include the exclusivity of limited releases, special offers and invitations to events – as well as a regular delivery of their favourite wines. Vineyard finds out how wineries are building closer relationships and customer loyalty, while boosting sales.

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